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Introducing our NEW sister school - Chertsey CKD @ the River Bourne Club!

New Martial Arts and Self-defence class for 4 - 16 year olds

Starting on Tuesday 8th September, 4.00 - 5.00pm



Choi Kwang Do is more than just learning self-defence; the format and structure of the classes enhances learning progression and improve focus in children.  Choi Kwang Do combines a fun fitness workout with personal protection, whilst helping to build self-confidence and self-esteem.


Your child will be able to:

  • practice self-defence in a safe environment

  • get fit and stay fit

  • achieve to the very best of their ability

  • develop self-discipline

  • develop respect and self-respect

  • make new friends 



"A recent study found that children participating in martial arts improved their behaviour and performance on a number of measures compared to those on a typical aerobic exercise programme. The kids involved in martial arts finished more of their homework, were better prepared for school, broke fewer rules and improved their grades.  In short, they were better able to stay on task."  Dr John J Ratly, Professor at Harvard Medical School 


The first 2 weeks are free, there is no joining or enrolment fees and Chertsey Choi Kwang Do will provide the uniform for free! 


For more information or to book your free trial classes contact Tony Plant on 07598 445867 or email




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