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A brief History
Expert Guidance


1, Kyu Shin Ryu. Head Instructor. Examiner. 7th Degree Black Belt & Life Time Achievement Award.​

2, Full Examiner, Chief Instructor, 3rd Degree Black Belt, Certificate of Merit from Grand Master Kwang Jo Choi.​

3, Vice chairman British Institute of Martial Arts.

4, BIMA awarded wall of fame.

5, Hands on experience working in night club security & close personal protection.

Anthony started training in self-defence in SW London in 1963 at 6 years old.  His dad was a boxer and he was keen for him to learn boxing, which he did his mother also took him for his first judo lesson around the same time. He started training under the famous Master “Masutaro Otani” and from that moment on JUDO took over.  Later in life he moved to Surrey where he started training at the famous “Kyu Shin Ryu” under the brilliant “Master Neville Pearce”.  He studied Judo, Aikido & Wu Shu Kung Fu.

Anthony competed in many Judo competitions for 3 decades which produced many awards.

In the late 70’s he became a head Instructor & Examiner at the famous Kyu Shin Ryu.

In the late 80’s after 25 years of hard work Anthony was awarded his 7th Degree Black Belt.


During the 1980’s whilst studying at college for a new career in Medical Physics he needed to earn money to pay the bills.  This is when he started working in Night Club security and in close personal protection. The skills he learned from working in these jobs taught him a lot about real life self-defence, what actually works and what doesn’t.


He started his new career in 1988 and the valuable experience he gained in them previous years helped him to be a more informed teacher in Self-defence.  He was lucky enough to go on to study and teach in many different countries due to his job taking him all over the world. When he finally settled back in the UK, he started a new Martial Art called Choi Kwang Do. He studied at a few different schools and trained with Grand Master “Kwang Jo Choi” himself on many occasions both here in the UK and at his HQ in Atlanta USA.


His schools are CKD based but he teaches his own system formed from his experience over the last 55 years both in Martial Arts and from the (reality) of his previous jobs.

He has been lucky enough to study under some great masters and he has the greatest respect for them all but the systems they studied were mainly for sport of which have rules, Anthony learnt in the night clubs that these rules do not apply to the street and will only teach from a point of reality but in a very friendly and safe environment, you don’t have to get hurt to learn.


His Cobham & Chertsey Schools are both Black Belt Schools of Excellence with many students between the ages of 5 to 80 years of age and the schools are recommended by the British Institute of Martial arts. Cobham also has a 3 – 5 year old program “Mamas lil dragons”.

Anthony has produced some excellent Black Belts at Cobham & Chertsey and produced three world champions. Over the last 40 years Anthony has made many Black Belts in other systems as well. His moto is; if it doesn’t work in real life I’m not going to teach it to you even if it does look good in the movies.

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